“Heaven is within you.”A Course in Miracles

Accessing Heaven

by Anthony Gold

Heaven is not a place we are granted entry as a result of various worldly deeds or affiliations. There is nothing we need to do, nor any organization or tribe in which we need to belong in order to curry favor with a judgmental gatekeeper.

No person, religion, or spiritual path is “the way”. All ways lead home. And each of us chooses the path we walk in this particular dream (incarnation). As we learn in A Course in Miracles – one of thousands of such paths – “Heaven is within you.” Nowhere else.

That reflection of eternal bliss and infinite peace is within our mind. Awaiting but our choice against the ego mind of separate interests, attack, and fear and for the mind of love. We know we’ve chosen the ego whenever we’re not at peace. Whenever we see other people as different from us (different in purpose, obviously not in form). Whenever we believe our happiness and sadness result from what’s going on in the world or our body.

And when we catch ourselves having chosen the ego mind, we can gently remind ourselves to choose again.

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