All Attack

All attack is Self attack.
~ A Course in Miracles

Anytime we attack someone – even if it’s just with our thoughts – we are attacking our sense of self. We are basically saying to the universe, “I am not complete. Something outside of me has taken away my peace. And I am fully justified in my reaction.”

These powerful lines from A Course in Miracles make it so clear:

“All attack is Self attack. Attack is the way in which your identification is lost, because when you attack, you must have forgotten what you are.”

When we remember our true nature as spirit and return to our right mind of love, there is no attack. We are in a state of perfect peace. And no matter what is going on in the world, we will respond from a place of love and compassion. The words and actions that come through us will be whatever is most helpful for the situation.

How do we know if we’re coming from that place of peace? Because we have no vested interest in the outcome. There is no judgment. No need for a situation to be a certain way.

Of course, that is very hard for our ego minds to accept. As the Course teaches, our ego literally screams “I want it thus!”

Whenever we catch ourselves attacking, or even wanting to attack, let’s remember that we are attacking ourselves by reinforcing our ego. We can then quickly turn to the mind of love and experience a completely different outcome.