“Resign now as your own teacher; for you were badly taught.”A Course in Miracles

Badly Taught

by Anthony Gold

This line from A Course in Miracles can’t help but cause a wry chuckle: “Resign now as your own teacher … for you were badly taught.”

We’ve certainly taught ourselves a lot that hasn’t served us well. Believing that the world holds something of value and can also be a place of danger. That other people can make us happy as well as cause great sadness. And perhaps most powerful of all, that this concept of “me” (and others I care about) will live for a little while and then die.

We’ve mastered these learning lessons to such an extent that we don’t even question the framework on which they’re built.

But the world’s curriculum is a lie. It isn’t true.

Yet there is another teacher whose learnings lead to an exquisite peace. The lessons are learned not in pain but joy.

Parting ways with our dysfunctional teacher and choosing instead the teacher of oneness, we learn to become channels of love.

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