“See no one as a body.”A Course in Miracles

Beyond the Body

by Anthony Gold

When you interact with other people, what do you see? Perhaps their physical body, specific personality, and underlying character? Following which, we generally judge people based on how we feel. If we like or admire them, then we might say they are “good”. If we’re turned off or even despise them, then they are “bad”.

What we see – and how we assess them – is based on our own interpretation. In fact, in every encounter with other people, we act based on how we comprehend the situation.

However, there’s a very challenging line in A Course in Miracles that calls into question that assessment: “What you do is determined by your perception of the situation, and that perception is wrong.”

Everything we see with our eyes merely shows us what we want to see, based on a choice we’ve made in the mind. When we’ve chosen the ego, we see people that are good and bad. We see situations that are helpful and others that hurt. But never do we see truth.

Until we make a different choice in the mind, against the ego and for the mind of spirit. Then, in the words of the Course, we will “see no one as a body”. Instead, we see beyond the physical form of everything and perceive the love and oneness that unites us all. When we do that with each person we meet, we are, in these beautiful words from the Course, “acknowledging that he is one with you in holiness.”

Let’s practice seeing no one as a body, but rather seeing everyone as one with us in holiness.

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