Body Neutral

My body is a wholly neutral thing.
~ A Course in Miracles

Our bodies do nothing. They don’t love. They don’t hate. They don’t get sick. They don’t get well. They aren’t attacked and they don’t defend.

Consider this line from A Course in Miracles: My body is a wholly neutral thing.

We give so much weight and significance to our body and other bodies. We think the seat of me-ness is within the body. When asked, “Who are you?” we answer in terms of bodily roles and functions.

Yet the body is nothing but a neutral thing.

All of our experiences – our range of emotions from sadness through joy and everything in between – don’t come from the body or the brain. They come from the mind.

Like a marionette’s puppet, our body does whatever the mind instructs it to do. And when we aren’t at peace, it’s only because we’ve chosen the ego mind. But we can instead make a different choice, for the mind of love, and experience a completely different outcome.