Cannibalistic Relationships

The ego establishes relationships only to get something.
~ A Course in Miracles

The ego is a very slippery character. It convinces us that we can find joy in other people. But what the ego never tells us – what it actively hides from awareness – is its cannibalistic nature.

Consider this line from A Course in Miracles: “The ego establishes relationships only to get something.”

In other words, we enter into relationships with people because they have something we believe we need. On the surface, most of us would agree that our close relationships are rewarding to us.

But if we dig deeper, we see the getting intention. In fact, if we no longer got something out of it, we’d likely end the relationship. The whole setup reinforces a framework of scarcity and co-dependence.

If we saw our brothers as they truly are (and ourselves), then concepts such as scarcity and getting would be meaningless. We’d see the love and perfection in everything, and every one of our relationships would be holy and complete.