Do Not Interfere

But do not interfere.
~ A Course in Miracles

There’s a powerful sentence from Chapter 17 in A Course in Miracles that reads “Do not interfere.”

And what that line means is this: when we think we need to DO something in the world – either with our body, someone else’s body, or in some situation – then we are essentially exclaiming to the universe that:

(a) something needs to be done
(b) I know what it is
(c) and I will do something to make it happen

But we can only be listening to the voice of the ego when we think we know what is best.

Another line in the Course reads, “you need to nothing”. Instead of listening to the ego – which will always lead us into pain – we can choose to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

When we do this, we’ve stepped out of the way of thinking we know what’s best and we become a channel for love.

Whatever is most helpful for the situation will automatically come through us, and we’ll be filled with a sense of peace and comfort.