Dream Contents

There is nothing outside you.
~ A Course in Miracles

It’s tempting to believe that everything around us is real, substantial, and capable of impacting us. And as long as we believe we are these bodies, that is true.

But think about dreams at night. During the dream, it seems as if the contents are real. And the main character in the dream – what we consider to be “I” – is affected by the goings-on of the various dream figures and encounters.

However, when we awaken, we realize that nothing happened. We made it all up. No matter how serious the situations seemed to be, they were nothing more than an invention from our sleeping mind.

The same is true with what we think of as “reality.” Seemingly real, yet just another form of dreaming. In truth, “there is nothing outside you” as we read in A Course in Miracles. It’s all a projection from our mind.

And when we begin to understand this truth, we become lucid dreamers – realizing that it’s just a dream.

Our practice for today is to watch the dream figures do all the various things they do, but to remind ourselves that while a part of us believes this is real, another part can begin the process of questioning its validity. This begins the process of awakening.

Wishing you much peace!