“Step back and let reality lead the way.”A Course in Miracles

If Only …

by Anthony Gold

When “stuff” happens in the world – especially things that are not to our liking – we judge and get taken over by our emotions.

“This isn’t how I want things to be. Why is this happening? If only …” That could be the mantra of the ego: “If only …”. A Course in Miracles teaches us that our ego literally screams, “I want it thus!”

But consider how much our judgment and emotions change the reality of the situation. Answer: not at all.

The irony is that we are doubly upsetting ourselves. First by experiencing what we consider to be a “bad situation” and then again by choosing emotions that bring us down further.

But when we accept the “is-ness” of every moment, we are following the guidance of the Course that says, “Step back and let reality lead the way.”

This doesn’t mean that we renounce the world or ignore what is going on. We simply recognize that every moment is an opportunity to choose peace. And when we make that choice, then we can address the situation in a way that will be most conducive to learning and channeling love. This road, in the words of the Course, “leads away from loss of every kind.”

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