Lesson 7
I see only the past.

Lesson 7: I see only the past.

This lesson introduces the topic of time into the Course workbook. And it is teaching us that everything we believe is rooted in time.

When we look at a cup, for instance, we aren’t seeing the cup as it is in the instant we call “now”. Instead we are mentally reviewing what has already gone by.

When we pick up the cup, we know how it will behave based on our past experiences. We know if we tilt it a certain way, it will pour liquid into our mouth. We know that if we drop the cup, it will likely break.

So are we really “seeing” the cup as it is, or simply projecting past experiences into this present moment? As we ponder this question deeply, we realize that we see only the past in the cup – and with everything we encounter.

But recognizing that we see only the past begins the process of learning how to step out of time and into the blissful state of now.