No One Has Hurt You

Teach no one he has hurt you.
~ A Course in Miracles

Every time I feel unfairly treated, I am mentally (if not literally) pointing a finger at someone and saying, “You hurt me.”

And if there are others who witness my wounds, they too will agree with my assessment.

But is my evaluation fair?

In not one circumstance!

In fact, anytime I perceive myself as unfairly treated, I am judging incorrectly.

These powerful lines from A Course in Miracles make it so clear:

Unfairness and attack are one mistake, so firmly joined that where one is perceived the other must be seen.You cannot be unfairly treated. The belief you are is but another form of the idea you are deprived by someone not yourself.

The Course goes on to say, “Teach no one he has hurt you.”

The way we do that is by remembering that while others may say and do spiteful, vicious things, the meaning we give each situation is up to us. When we’ve chosen our ego mind, we will see every situation as proof that we are either victim or victimizer.

But when we choose the mind of love, we will always experience and channel peace.