“The present is the only time there is.”A Course in Miracles

Only Time There Is

by Anthony Gold

We remember the past. We anticipate the future. But we can only exist in the now. This line from A Course in Miracles redefines how we think about linearity: “The present is the only time there is.”

Time is merely a dimensional tool, like length or width. It has no reality on its own. Yet we’ve co-opted it to rule our lives. All our emotions surround the past and future. I’m angry about something that happened yesterday, last year, in my childhood, or perhaps even past life. Or, I’m worried about what might happen with the world, my kids growing up, death of people I care about, my death.

There’s not a single emotion we can experience in the present moment other than peace. Yet rarely do we visit the “only time there is”.

And there’s good reason for it.

We’re terrified of the now. We build our entire lives around distraction and avoiding the present moment. Because in that instant, there is no “me”. Our entire sense of self dissolves in the present.

Yet all our strain, pain, and fear come avoiding it.

But recognizing this fact is the first step toward transcending time and living in the blissful eternity that awaits such a timeless awareness.

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