You have but two emotions, love and fear. One is changeless and eternal. The other you made.A Course in Miracles

Only Two Emotions

by Anthony Gold

Let’s explore the range of emotions we experience. Desire. Joy. Pain. Contentment. Anger. Frustration. Happiness. Disappointment. Anxiety. Hope. Suffering.

The list is long. And sometimes we experience a sweeping array of emotions in the scope of even a single day.

But our emotions lie. They tell us what we want to experience, not reality.

An incredibly powerful concept in A Course in Miracles teaches that we have just two emotions, love and fear. Love is real – being our true, timeless nature. Our essence is love! And so is everyone else’s.

Fear, on the other hand, is something we made with the sole intention of proving that we are real in order to reinforce the belief that we can suffer.

Here is the passage from the Course:

“You have but two emotions, love and fear. One is changeless but continually exchanged, being offered by the eternal to the eternal. The other has many forms yet one thing in common; they are all insane. They are made [by you] of sights that are not seen, and sounds that are not heard.”

Whenever we’re not experiencing anything but love – which manifests itself in the world as joyful peace – then we can remind ourselves that we’re clinging to a self-made form of fear. And because we made it up, we can change our mind.

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