Our Brother’s Message

The message your brother gives you is up to you.
~ A Course in Miracles

If only people would do and say what we want them to, then life would be so much better.

Yet that is exactly what they do.

Only we’re not aware of it.

This very powerful line from A Course in Miracles sums it up: “The message your brother gives you is up to you.” In other words, we receive from others precisely what we want.

That is such a challenging concept. In fact, we very actively resist it. Nonetheless it is true.

Whichever part of our mind we’ve chosen – either the mind of ego or of love – then that is what we will experience in every situation. And when we’ve chosen the ego, we will encounter all manner of lack, disappointment, sadness, and fear. But when we chose the mind of love, all that we can possibly feel is joy and peace.

Let’s be mindful of which message we’re getting from our brother for that will tell us which mind we’ve chosen.