Projection Makes Perception

Projection makes perception.
~ A Course in Miracles

Three words can change your life. They have mine. And they are perhaps the most popular – and most often quoted – words from A Course in Miracles: “projection makes perception.”

Here’s how it works: in every moment, we are projecting out the contents of our mind. Those projections result in every thought and experience we have. So our perception of everything is nothing but “seeing” what we first projected out.

This is such a foreign concept, radically challenging our mistaken belief that the world (and other people) exist separate and apart from us. They don’t. It’s all a projection from the mind.

So what is in the mind, and how can we live a more peaceful, happy life? That depends on which mind we’ve chosen – of which there are two. The ego mind and the mind of spirit.

The ego mind consists of fear and guilt. It is the belief that we have separated from oneness, are lacking and lonely, and require things from outside to bring us peace. Such as other people to love and comfort us, material possessions to occupy and enrich us, and substances to sustain our bodily needs and urges.

The mind of spirit is the opposite of the ego in every regard. It consists of nothing but love. And it reminds us of our true nature as a “oneness joined with one”.

The real “us” are not these bodies. Rather, we are the decision making part of the mind that is, in every moment, making the choice for either the ego or spirit. And all our experiences in the world simply show us which mind we’ve chosen. If we don’t like what we see, we can return to the mind and make a different choice.