Feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and a prisoner to your circumstances?
Life not where you want it to be?

Live Beyond the Illusion is a framework for mastering the habits of living the life you want.

What is Live Beyond the Illusion?

All the things we struggle with in what we call daily life – money, health, relationships, attention, compassion, love – these all feel so significant, so important, so serious. We believe they are the source of our joys and cause of our sorrow. But they aren’t. They are a thin veneer on top of something much deeper and substantial.

We believe our life and what is going on around us is reality. All our senses convince us this is so. But that’s not the case. Our senses simply do what we tell them to do.

Live Beyond the Illusion is dedicated to helping us recognize we are the author of the script, not an unwitting participant. And once we make that shift, our experiences in the world become much more joyful.

“Happiness is a choice, not a consequence.”Anthony Gold

Who Am I?

Growing up as a very logical, analytical, question-everything kind of person, the notions of self-awareness and personal growth seemed very amorphous to me. How could you know you were progressing? But through countless life lessons learned – and many inspirational people I’ve had the great fortune of interacting with – I came to understand there is one measure of success that truly matters: the amount of peace I experience in my life.

What I do

Having realized how much my life was full of judgment, passive-aggressive attack, and projection, I began a quest to become more kind, self-aware, and less fearful. A quest to transform my very limited ways of thinking into the realization that our thoughts determine our reality. I write about and share my experiences and lessons-learned with the goal of helping others (and myself) on this journey we all share.

Where do I go from here?

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