Time Is Nothing But Thought

A mind-blowing concept

September 20, 2018.Anthony.0 Likes.0 Comments
“Time is nothing but thought”Anthony Gold

Time and Thought

by Anthony Gold

We learn from many spiritual thought systems that time is not only not linear, but time truly is an illusion. So here’s a mind-blowing thought for you: all time is nothing but thought.

It isn’t hard to accept that what we consider to be the past is simply thoughts in our mind. Likewise, anticipation of the future is more thought, often accompanied by hope or fear. But all those thoughts coexist with the ones we experience “right now” in the present.

Ken Wapnick suggested that thoughts of the past are more repressed and those occurring in the present are more conscious. But all thoughts exist together.

Past, present, future. It is all thought.

Something to think about!

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