What Should Be

The ego analyzes; Spirit accepts.
~ A Course in Miracles

When I encounter a problem that I care about – whether that be in the world at large or specifically in my or a loved one’s body – my ego is all over it. How did this happen? Who or what is responsible? What needs to be done to fix it? How can we ensure this doesn’t happen again?

I’m clearly coming from a place of judgment. Judging that the experience is not how it ought to be – based on my clear understanding of what should be. But if we step back and look at it objectively, it’s really the height of arrogance to think that I know what is best for any given situation.

Conversely, from the right mind of Spirit, there is no judgment. Simply an acceptance of what is. And from this place of calm, non-judgmental is-ness flows whatever is most helpful for the situation. If there are words I need to speak or actions I need to take, they will come through with no sense of strain and no vested interest in a specific outcome.

In every circumstance we encounter – especially ones we consider to be stressful or troublesome – we’d be wise to choose against the ego mind of judgment and expectation of what should be and instead choose the Spirit mind of peace. The result is pure tranquility and joy.